Co-development of and co-investment in biomethane projects

Drawing on many years' experience, we help you develop your projects, from compliance with the relevant regulations right through to operation.


Operating and maintaining

Since 2014, we have helped optimize the performance of biomethane plants. To do this, we offer services that leverage all operational drivers requiring concurrent management.



As organic waste experts, we bring together waste producers and short-circuit plants to recycle waste and benefit the country as a whole.


Canac Paulhe

Durenque (12)

Feedstock sources

9 000 tonnes per year


Bovine manure / Liquid manure

Silage / Cereal offal

Cheese making waste


260 kW of electricity

The simplified joint-stock company Canac-Paulhe’s project was the result of a collaboration between two neighbours looking to safeguard the future of their family businesses (cow and sheep’s milk). The cogeneration plant produces 265 kW of electricity and converts 11,000 tonnes of mixed feedstock (effluents, cheese factory waste, vegetable waste) into biogas each year. The electricity is sold while the heat powers a drying system and a waste hygienisation unit.

Households supplied with electricity
Tonnes of CO² avoided

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